The “I’m Late” Essentials for Hijabis

I woke up late but it's a secret!

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Already late for work? Chasing time to get ready and do your makeup?

It’s 9.00 am and you just woke up when you’re supposed to be already at work. You have got 10 minutes to get yourself ready and get out the door, but what about makeup?

Let’s be honest we all have had our fair share of episodes where we’re running late, and doing our makeup usually takes awhile.

Suggestion: Prepare yourself for such situations and standby a “I’m-late-for-work” essential kit as they are super handy for you to get ready and do your makeup quickly and go about your office or school days as normal.

So, without further ado, here are the essentials for a Hijabi’s “I’m-late” get ready kit:


Opt for an Instant Shawl to get ready faster



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Rather than risking having a bad hijab day when you’re late, try an instant shawl to save time yet still look good.

The LUXE Satin Silk Snood by Aira Malaysia will be perfect for you who are always in a rush! This signature shawl was meticulously crafted from premium quality fabric and simply oozes effortless chic and sophistication.

It’s called a ‘snood’ shawl for its infinity shape or closed loop design.

As you don this shawl, you will instantly get the beautiful soft and flowy drape effect that complements your outfit be it casual or formal. The material itself is breathable which is perfect for our tropical weather!


Visit their website and shop there for the best deals




Use multi-use and travel friendly makeup







The unique multi-use products by Solipsistic Malaysia are designed to suit the on-the-go lifestyle. Solipsistic describes the behaviour of self love and embraces the culture of minimalism and well-being. Less is more because the brand strongly believes that genuine beauty is about being natural and healthy.



The Universal Holo Glow Stix is a skin enhancing holographic highlighter that softly kisses the skin with a dewy, lightweight, luxurious formula. As the holographic makeup trend is making waves globally, Solipsistic isn’t excluded from the frenzy.



Swatches of the Universal Holo Glow Stix (above) and Cherry Velvet Multistix (below)


The Cherry Velvet Multi Stix is another holy grail item to be included in your purse as it is ideal for travel and a creamy matte and monochromatic universal colour for your lips, cheeks, and eyes to bring lift to your best features.


Consider these essential items to be included in your “I’m-Late” kit because they are definitely your life saviour for especially those days when you’re in a rush.


By: Suraya Sidek


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