The Power of Perfume: A Trip Down The Memory Lane

How smells can inspire you.

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One of the things that humans often take for granted is their capacity to smell.

Did you know that our nose could spot at least one trillion different smells? To add, we all smell things differently. Some people find the famous perfume, Coco Chanel to have the sweet and gentle smell, while some find it too strong.



Similar to being picky about certain dishes, we also tend to be picky with how we smell. Sometimes the perfume that we use becomes our personal trait. Perfumes have been said to be very impactful as it can bring us back to specific memories. They could remind you of certain events, places and someone in particular.


Choosing a perfume that suits you is important. People usually choose to use perfumes that are well-known, nicely packaged or even those that are handmade. One example of a local brand perfume that is handmade and self-blend is Bouteille.

Bouteille was established by its two founders, Shahril and Shaiful. The story behind the invention of this brand is the triggering of their childhood memories through perfumes. They became inspired and started to learn about the secrets to making a good and impactful perfume. Little did they know, they have now become self-taught perfumers. Their perfumes are inspired by various famous brands, with various compositions that they themselves came out with. Go check out their perfume! Perfume ninja

One thing to highlight from the creation of this brand is the determination of the founders. They knew their passion and basically knew what they want. It was a bit challenging for them at the beginning of the journey, as they do not have the proper knowledge given that they have unrelated study backgrounds. But with a strong will and clear vision, they took a leap of faith and started their business. Their journey is also admirable since they are amongst the few men who go for their dreams and contribute to the perfumery industry, which is known to be dominated by women. With a strong will, anything is possible.






Featured image source: Perfume ninja

Content source : Bouteille

By Mira Rhyme




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