This Hijabi Shared Umrah Tips on Her Facebook Wall

Let's aim for a blessed Umrah!

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Jinghan Naan, is a Chinese Muslim convert who is the founder of a community blog called ‘The Radiant Muslim’. She shared her post about umrah tips on Instagram and received feedbacks saying it was very helpful. That had led her to repost the umrah tips on her Facebook wall.

In her post, she shared 5 umrah tips. Below are the tips that she shared!

1. Prepare a Dua book

She suggested preparing a book to write Duas so that we don’t miss any duas during umrah. The book size should be small so that it is easy to be carried anywhere. She also mentioned that the best duas are those from our prophet pbuh and from the book of Allah. We could also have a section for duas from other people so that we can make the duas for them.

2. Prepare presents for other people

She said her mother-in-law had taught her to prepare gifts for other people. They prepared gifts like shawls and handmade brooches to be given to random people that they would meet there. She also shared about how she was warmly greeted with hugs and Salams, by the sisters that she came across.

3. Do random act of kindness

She was telling a story where she saw a Tunisian lady struggling with her hijab. She had no brooches so Jinghan handed her one. The lady was extremely grateful and hugged her. She also had witnessed a lot of other people doing random act of kindness; a brother giving dates to anyone who passes and another brother giving the zam-zam water that he had collected to an elderly in wheelchair. We will never know how much our help would mean to others. So always offer a helping hand!

4. Make dua as much as we can before we begin the journey

Jinghan also reminds us to make dua as much as we can before the journey. We should pray that Allah makes the journey easy for us. Every small thing that could leave us feeling uneasy is actually the test that we could have failed to realize. We could be facing small tests like being pushed, nudged and having our feet ran by a wheelchair.


5. Purify our inner thoughts

In her post, she also said to pray to Allah so that He grants us good health. Check our inner thoughts at all times. We should never underestimate any possibilities of getting sick and being unfit to perform the Umrah. Even if we have the slightest thought that everything will SURELY be JUST FINE, say ‘astaghfirullah’ and ask Allah to smooth the journey.


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Image from Aira Malaysia

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Content from: Jinghan Naan’s Facebook

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