This Malaysian Hijaber’s Cosplay Style Is On Fleek!

Who says you can’t cosplay with hijab?

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Have you ever heard about or experienced the cosplaying scene?






So what is cosplay?




Well cosplay is the art of costume role-playing. The term ‘cosplay’ itself is a combination of the two words, ‘costume’ and ‘play’ to describe the art form that in which people adopt the attire and personality of a fictional character in a comic book or popular culture. Started from Japan, this culture has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon and Muslims aren’t excluded.


Just because you wear a hijab doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay.


Today, hijabs are also being incorporated into fashion and cosplay in ingenious ways. If you think it’s impossible, all the way from Perlis, we have Amalina Hamzah, 22 to prove you that it’s POSSIBLE! Amalina or also known as Miisa is one of the first cosplay fans in Malaysia to grab everyone’s attention and spark off the hijab-cosplay phenomenon here.




Goes by the name Miisa MHC (Malaysian Hijab Cosplayer) in Instagram, Miisa created adorable cosplay looks based on characters from an array of popular anime series. She started to incorporate muslim attire and cosplay since last year when she became captivated by the outfits worn by anime characters.


How did she do that so effortlessly?




Cosplayers commonly use coloured wigs to impersonate their favorite characters, but Miisa simply dons a variety colours of hijabs to slay her cosplay styles. Miisa told New Strait Times recently that it is easier to use hijabs as ‘wigs’ because they are available in a rainbow of colours.




Just look at how she manipulated her hijab style to perfectly mimic the protagonist anime character from Sailormoon but with a twist, the Black Lady version.She used the two ends of her hijab to imitate actual bangs and tied two equal parts of her hijab into hair buns similar to the original character’s hairstyle. She also applied a bold makeup look especially for the eyes and wore a pair of azure blue contact lenses to really bring out the anime look.





Photo above is a screenshot of Amalina’s Instagram post showing her cosplaying two female characters from the anime series, Naruto. The characters are Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura. She styled her hijab according to the characters’ hairstyles and also put extra effort with makeup by applying subtle details such as the design of the eyeliner wing and eye colour to perfectly match the characters’ features.


Amalina also admitted that she received mixed reactions from people on social media. Some also claim that it is opposing to Islam practices. But she firmly countered and said, “It’s just a hobby, I only choose certain characters which are not sexy, and it’s not like I’m wearing it every day. Besides, I’m just doing it as an individual and not a member of any clubs. I just enjoy taking pictures.”





Screenshot above shows Amalina’s artistic makeup using different shades of teal to imitate a character from Phosphophyllite.


According to The New Straits Times, she has five different cosplay outfits in her collection which include Touken Ranbu, Naruto Shippuden, Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon and Twin Star Exorcist.  Amalina also mentioned that she spent almost RM2,000 on all her cosplay outfits which are mostly purchased online.


Amalina’s creative ideas on her concept of Muslimah cosplaying wows the whole world and has proved that wearing a hijab does not hinder a person’s interest in cosplay.


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By: Suraya Sidek


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