This Palestinian Singer’s Mash-Up Cover of Adele’s Hello Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Her 1-week-old video has gotten more than 2 million views.

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Noel Kharman, a 17-year-old Palestinian singer/youtuber who just started uploading her covers on Youtube about a month ago has gained massive attention recently with her rendition of Adele’s latest hit ‘Hello’.

Her haunting version is a mash-up with a song by Lebanese singer Fairouz, called ‘Keefak Enta’ which means ‘How Are You?’

To date, her 1-week-old video has gotten more than 2 million views!

We can’t stop replaying the video and are obsessing over her beautiful vocals. Watch the video above to check out the amazing mash-up.

Can’t get enough of her? Check out her youtube channel and other swoon-worthy covers here.

Here are some other things we know about Noel Kharman:

Kharman’s first recorded song was released when she was just a child and was titled Mother (Omy). It was written and composed by Mr. Fauzan Hamdan. This young lady’s first stage performance was in Isfiya, a village in northern Israel, at the age of 10 when she sang at a local festival. The singer, who was born on christmas eve in 1998, has covered two hit singles by international artists. In addition, Kharman mastered singing in several languages and has mastered singing several genres of music, including Opera and classic music, according to her facebook page. – Spiral Mag

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