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In this 21st century, almost everything is subject to change parallel to the constantly advancing technology. Although some things may have become too improvised that no human interactions are required anymore, we have to say that some things are getting a lot easier.

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Paying phone bills, water bills or electric bills has become super easy. We can do it just from home or at work while taking a 15-minute break. Or simply through a mobile application.


Not to mention the ‘Pay wave’ option. No more keying in the IDs and no more holding up the queue longer than it should. Just Touch or Tap and you’re good to go.


Talk about payment, we are definitely heading towards a Cashless Society, where payments are made using credit or debit card or electric funds instead of cash or checks. Now, even the KLCC Autopay station allows payments through cards!


It’s actually both cool and scary. Well, in terms of ease yes technology wins. But in terms of personal awareness as to how to manage our finance is another issue. By paying through cards, there’s a chance that we might have failed to keep track of our spending.  We need to be aware of how much we’ve spent and how much we actually should’ve spent.


Speaking of parking, have you heard of the new ticketless parking system? This cost-effective and reliable technology is called The Carpark License Plate Recognition.

Through this technology, in which it is also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, vehicle plate images are translated into character representations of the data. The plate images are detected using the cameras and object character recognition (OCR).

Not only that this technology could save the environment by not wasting the paper, but it’s a very good approach to improve the parking management system. It reduces the time at the entrance and exit gates, reduces the operating cost, and provides the customer with gate-less entry!

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Well, the good news is, the famous Sunway Pyramid mall, which is very much known for its majestic lion head feature, would be the first mall in Malaysia to implement this technology! Known to be among the first malls to utilize a parking management system which indicates parking spots occupancy or vacancy, Sunway Pyramid has a good reputation in adopting advanced changes.


For now, the new system is just a pilot study and will soon be introduced to the public. Our car’s number plate will be registered just within few seconds as we enter the mall. It kind of feels like we’re going through the SmartTAG lane except that we won’t be needing any card.

#NowTesting: Carpark License Plate Recognition System!

Lion has some exciting news!!! Imagine being able to drive into the carpark, without the need to take a carpark ticket or parking access card… 😱Simply by scanning the vehicle license plate, you can enter! ⚡Right now, Lion and friends are conducting this license plate recognition system pilot test for selected users in the mall’s carpark to help improve traffic flow.Do stay tuned for more updates once the pilot test is complete!

Posted by Sunway Pyramid on Sunday, November 25, 2018

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Nothing has been informed yet regarding the payment mode. It could probably be through a mobile app or cash. One thing for sure, we no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing our ticket!



Content from: Soya Cincau, Operations Commander

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