7 Life Lessons From Chicken Soup for The Soul

“Changing the world one story at a time”- Chicken Soup for The Soul

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The book is very well known, even for non-avid readers. One would definitely hear about the book at least once. Chicken Soup for the Soul has been recorded to be among the best-selling book series with an excellent reputation, or as the newer generation would call it “viral”. How did it all start anyway? Why is this book with the word “soup” so special?


The great history of this book began in 1993. At that time, the two founders, well-known motivational speakers, Jack Canfield, and Mark Victor Hansen had compiled the stories that they’ve been told.  There were 101 stories in total. The reason for the unique yet intriguing title is because they want it to leave people feeling comforted and soothed as if they just tasted their grandmother’s cooking.

At that time, they took the book to some of the big publishers but got rejected. Until they met Peter Vegso, the owner of HCI, the small health and wellness publisher in Florida. Little did they know, the book became extremely famous, with 11 million copies bought over the world! Imagine being ‘viral’ way before the active use of social media!


Now, they have published more than 250 books, holding the ‘best-selling’ title stronger than ever. The reason why people really love the book is probably because they feel deeply connected to it. Reading stories about others actually make us feel rest assured, knowing that there’s always a hope. That if it’s possible for others, it would be possible for us too! On top of that, Chicken Soup for the Soul teaches us to look on the brighter side and on the broader perspective in going through life!


Want to know more? Here are other great life lessons that we can get from the amazing book!

  1. To have a higher than the average confidence level

It is really okay to be boastful about ourselves (really?)! But of course only up to a certain extent. We need to have confidence in order to motivate ourself. Having this trait definitely plays a huge role in shaping ourselves to become someone successful! Have faith in our strength and be confident!


  1. Take action!

People can only try to talk us out and motivate externally. It is up to us to hold on to our dreams and take action!


  1. Reach out for help.

Always remind ourselves that reaching out for help is really okay! Who knows that it would be the first step to obtaining what we want! Asking for help really won’t make you look bad or anything, It just mean that you need guidance and spontaneously, could give people a chance to do good!


  1. Stop contemplating, Start doing it!

Sometimes we have too many questions playing in our head. We often spend too much time questioning ourselves. So instead, Just give it a go!


  1. Now!

Maybe we should consider stopping from delaying and giving excuses, saying it’s not the right time. Have courage and do it now!


  1. Smile

Smiling really does have an amazing effect. It helps us feel more positive during challenging times and connects us with other people. Smiling won’t hurt us. In fact, it helps us in a beautiful way.


  1. One step at a time

We don’t have to rush things just to keep up with those around us. Do things at our own pace. Keep being motivated and appreciate your improvement each day!





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