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The ideal prayer mat for travel

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As we’ve mentioned in our previous article “Travel-Friendly & Super Comfy Telekung by Qasha”, there are four essential things that we need to prepare when we travel. The listings include prayer time app, compass app, prayer cloth and a prayer mat.

Speaking of prayer mats, do you know what makes it so essential? Well, the main purpose is to ensure that our five daily prayers are conducted on a clean surface. The use of a prayer mat was initially introduced by our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), where he was praying on a palm fronds-made mat, called a “khumrah”.

A prayer mat commonly has a “mihrab” shape, which looks like an arched doorway that illustrates the attractive niche of a mosque. This shape basically points the direction of the Qiblat, which is facing the Kaaba in Mecca. Back in the days of the ottoman, Mughal and Safavid dynasties, prayer mats became special and are even well-thought-out as national treasures.

The design sometimes signifies the different cultures and countries in which the prayer mats originated from.  Up until now, prayer mats have numerous designs. They are getting prettier and are made of different thickness, weights and type of materials. Some prayer mats are made of cotton, polyester, acrylic polypropylene, acrylic silks, sponge and even anti-slip back.


Choosing a prayer mat can be tricky especially when we plan on bringing them for traveling. For this purpose, it is really important that the prayer mat be light and thin. This so that we can fit it in the luggage, or bring them in our backpack. It has to be as thin as it can so that we could save up space for the clothes, food and other necessary travel packs.

Also, remember to consider the size of the prayer mat. We could either bring the long rectangular prayer mat that would fit the entire area where we pray. Or we could just bring the small-sized prayer mat which would cover the area where we make sujood (prostrate), provided that the rest of the area that we are praying is clean.

Image from bazaarKITA

Sure we can use just a clean cloth, but why not just bring a prayer mat right? So, do you have a travel prayer mat? Or what we call a ‘sejadah’? No worries! Now you can travel with ease with the travel sejadah by Design East!

Image from bazaarKITA

Image from bazaarKITA

Image from bazaarKITA

Just check out these lovely sejadahs with simple yet elegant looking designs! They’re light, easy to fold, thin and easily washable! They’re just perfect! If you’re not buying it for you, you can give it as a present for your friend who is going for a travel. Or those who are going for Umrah and Hajj. Wow just imagine the rewards you’ll get when they make ibadah on the mat, mashaAllah!


Simply head to bazaarKITA to shop online through the THiJARI powered by Zilzar Life app. For referencing purpose, THiJARI is the official app for Lembaga Tabung Haji. So, what are you waiting for? Download the THiJARI mobile app for FREE at Google Play or App Store now!



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