Trump: The Ultimate Disruption Vote

10 observations about Trump's presidential win.

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As an American based in Malaysia, much like many American expats, the most often question asked about the presidential election was:

‘What happened to the American voters?’

All the pundits, except Trump loyalists/surrogates like Rudy Guliani (former NYC mayor), Ben Carson (neurosurgeon who ran against Trump during Republican primaries), Sean Hannity (Fox conservative host), Kellyanne Conway (brilliant campaign manager), Peter Thiel (billionaire VC), and 50 million other Americans, were proven wrong.


Here are 10 observations about Trump’s presidential win :

1. Trump Hit A Nerve

Trump’s election was a protest vote to business as usual (BAU) and kowtowing to special interest groups. It hit a nerve in the underbelly of the American people, and they connected with him for nearly 18 months and it culminated on election day.  It was really his election to lose, and he came through.

via Breitbart

via Breitbart

2. Trump Was The People’s Choice

Trump’s election sends a powerful message to other world leaders, “Their populace will seek hope over fear and their voice will be heard at the polling station.”

via National Review

via National Review

3. Trump Was Raw And Real

Trump’s election was about timing, location, content and delivery, and it was raw in your face. It worked!

via Esquire

via Esquire

4. Trump Was Not Beholden To Anyone

When a billionaire is running for political office, fund raising is not a priority and he/she is less likely to be beholden. Obama won a Noble Peace Prize upon election, as a black President riding on hope in 2008. What will Trump get, which, to many, has been even more stunning.

via Business Insider

via Business Insider

5. Trump Actually Has What It Takes

During the campaign, Trump offended almost everyone. Mexicans, Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, Women, and etc. But, that was him being a part businessman (crush competition), part Alpha Leader (Sun Tzu, Art of War, style), part having the gut feel of reading sentiment of disillusioned voters but it got him to his destination.

Now, more importantly, he needs to be less raw and more presidential, and his acceptance speech showed he has those abilities. First comment, after thanking family and voters, was gracious words towards Hillary that she fought hard and worked hard as Secretary of State.


6. Trump Was A Fighter

Despite the hot mic capturing lewd comments on the bus, Alec Baldwin’s rendition of him on SNL, late night hosts barbs and jokes, celebrities threatening to leave the US if he is elected (will they follow through?), he stuck to his guns and did not become gun-shy. Some lessons here: Stick to your ‘script’!

Alec Baldwin as Trump on Saturday Night Live

7. Trump Had An Advantage Of The Clinton Fatigue Factor

American public did not embrace the Clintons as the Kennedys or Gandhi (India) or Bhutto (Pakistan).  Furthermore, there, was too much ‘luggage’ to either forgive or overlook. The Clintons should ride into the sunset.

8. Trump Will Probably Tweet Less Now

There will probably be no more 3 am tweets and this will make his cabinet and secret service happy. Having said that, you never know with him.



9. Trump’s Next Move With Muslims Will Be Interesting

His past statement about banning all Muslims from the US that he made in December 2015 has disappeared from his website after his election. This act raises a big question mark. Even his first visit to a Muslim country will be interesting and ideally, it should be to the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious country of Malaysia.

President Barack Obama arrives on Air Force One at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Airbase in Subang, outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Saturday, April 26, 2014. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Barack Obama arrives on Air Force One at the Royal Malaysian Air Force Airbase in Subang, outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Saturday, April 26, 2014. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

10. The Trump White House Will Likely Be Extravagant

The only wall that will be built will probably be out of gold in the White House as he will miss his home, the Trump Tower.

via Politico

via Politico



This is going to be an interesting test drive for the next four years. America as well as the whole world is anxious to make it through the first 100 days, and Trump probably is also!



Written by Rushdi Siddiqui

Rushdi Siddiqui is a Co-Founder and CEO of He believes that a change agent must tell the truth to a benevolent dictator, religious hardliner, and compassionately connect with youths.

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