Wanna Look Extra For The Weekend? Mix & Match with Aira Malaysia!

Look stylish with Aira

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The weekend has finally arrived! Bet you can’t wait to just lay in bed, wake up late, watch 2 movies in a row, food hunting and meet up with friends and your loved ones!


Is it that time of the year where you open your wardrobe and realize you need some new outfits? Well, school holidays are on and it’s time for families to gather, weddings to be attended and wonderful places waiting to be explored!


Weekends are practically made for us to socialize and have fun. Not to forget, presenting ourselves in the best way that we can! For some women, we tend to keep scrolling the Instagram or Facebook or other social media to get inspirations on how to style ourselves better. By doing so, we get to keep up with the latest trends and learn how to look in a way that we prefer.  Like any knowledge, fashion too needs some homework to be done.


So, do you have any idea on what to wear this weekend? Been thinking about what to give your loved ones as a birthday or an anniversary present? Maybe you can start by checking out these pretty and classy looking outfits from Aira Malaysia!

Tunic Jacket in Black Florals from Aira Malaysia

Alayna Brocade Jacket from Aira Malaysia

Textured Shantung Pants in Baby Blue from Aira Malaysia

Aren’t these jackets, tops and pants the kind of must-get piece! You can also try mixing and matching them! Well, this is indeed one of the ways to learn how to style our clothes better!

Image from Aira Malaysia

Image from Aira Malaysia

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 Image from: Aira Malaysia, Aira Malaysia Instagram

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