Watch this Syrian Refugee Walk Into the Stadium with Christiano Ronaldo With The Widest Smile Ever

Doors and arms wide open for Syrian refugees in Spain

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لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286).


Zaid Mohsen and his family witnessed the best and worst that humanity had to offer all within the span of two weeks.


Humiliated for running for their lives.

Just weeks ago, the Mohsen family was one of thousands of Syrians seeking refuge in Europe. Crossing between Serbia and Hungary, near the Hungarian village of Roszke, the Moshen family encountered a photographer who tripped Osama Abdul Mohsen, Zaid’s father, as he carried the boy. The moment was captured on video and uploaded on social media. What was captured brought shame to the journalists and news agencies across the world, sparking a viral outburst as millions shared the anger and pain felt by the father.

  The woman, identified as Petra Laszlo was promptly fired, but wrote an open letter of apology.


On Saturday, the young boy Zaid Mohsen found themselves again making headlines, but this time with a smile and holding hands with one of the most famous footballer in the world.

Spain has been welcoming the family to Europe with wide open arms. To show the world that they are open to Syrian refugees, Zaid had the most amazing opportunity to walk out with his favourite soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo, as the mascot for their game against Granada, to a deafening applause.  [fb_embed_post href=”” width=”550″/]     The Real squad also wore t-shirts showing support for those affected by the humanitarian crisis pushing refugees out of Syria and into Europe. What did does is to tell governments to open up their country to these refugees who have been fleeing for their lives and safety.  [fb_embed_post href=”;F9GnknkewYRpLlN01~_EzFMMb~;aMd43jmKaRWY.bps.a.10150919072034953.1073742882.19034719952/10150919072119953/?type=1&theater/” width=”550″/]     This is also a really great boost for Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo, and the football club, which is, according to Forbes, the most valuable sports team in the world. It’s easy to see why. The club is big on giving back to major causes.    


A Real Valuable Team

Real also has announced that it would donate €1million to aid refugees that are taken in by Spain, earlier this month. Additionally,  the club is considering various initiatives and schemes with a special focus placed on the youngest refugees. It will also make some of the club’s infrastructure and sports goods available to the Executive’s interministerial commission that organises the system for receiving refugees. Osama told Mirror in an interview,  “It’s a dream come true. I love Real Madrid, it’s my favourite team and that of all my family.” “I’m very thankful for the president’s welcome. In Syria we dreamed of seeing a Real Madrid game and now it came true.”  

Featured Image Source | Facebook/Real Madrid

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