What an Awesome Way to Welcome Ramadan

This video helps you feel the love of 41 countries.

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If you never knew there were so many Muslims, and types of Muslims around the world, it’s time to wake up and see yourself. Today is the first day of Ramadan and “Ramadan Kareem” greetings are being sent around friends and families around the world. With this video, The Global Ramadan, welcome greetings are sent across the world to strangers.

The video starts with a description that Muslims are of “different cultures, different skin colours, and different mentalities” but of the “same passion”. People from across the globe, I counted 41 countries, greet you with a smile and a greeting of “Ramadan Kareem”.


The video takes you to the following countries:
1) USA- Virginia, and Texas
2) United Arab Emirates- Dubai
3) Jordan
4) Iraq
5) Greece
6) Malaysia
7) Egypt
8) Canada
9) Qatar
10) Spain
11) Afghanistan
12) England
13) Slovenia
14) Serbia
15) Brazil
16) Australia
17) France
18) Paraguay
19) Bahrain
20) China
21) Palestine
22) Venezuela
23) Iran
24) Canada
25) Tunisia
26) Sierra Leone
27) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- Mecca, and Khobar
28) Maldives
29) Mexico
30) Denmark
31) California
32) Scotland
33) Switzerland
34) Japan
35) Netherlands
36) Colombia
37) Armenia
38) Germany
39) Turkey
40) Indonesia
41) Lebanon

Going through this video makes you shiver seeing the diverse faces greeting you. This is such a sweet way to begin your first day of fasting.

The Global Ramadan is an initiative that started in Lebanon and aims to spread the Ramadan spirit all over the world, and uploaded by a YouTube user smsinno.


Written by Nur Safiah Alias – Editor, Zilzar Life

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