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15th October is the date in which The Global Handwashing Partnership (GHP) had established The Global Handwashing Day. Why is this day important anyway? Is it just another campaign to get people to buy sanitizers and handwashing gel? The answer IS to raise awareness and understanding among people all over the world, of the importance to wash our hands correctly!


When we talk about washing our hands, do we actually know the right method to wash them? While some ignorant people would simply wash their hands with just water, for merely 2 seconds, others would really scrub their hands properly with handwashing soap, making sure to cover every inch of their hands. Here are some videos to help you improve your handwashing habits.

Video from: ChildCare Resources MT

Video from: Jessica Clement

According to the Central Disease Control (CDC), one of the most important steps to protect us from getting sick is by ensuring that our hands are clean. How does it really work? How can water be so powerful? Well, it’s really not just the water. It’s because everyday we touch almost everything with our hands. To make it worse, we even touch our eyes, nose, and mouth without realizing how much germs we’ve picked up! Yikes! Not to mention the food we consume with our improperly washed hands.


Using handwashing soap could remove the germs from our hands, hence reducing the rate of infections, which could cause diseases like diarrhoea, colds and gastrointestinal illness. On top of that, by preventing sickness, we could also prevent the use of antibacterial, hence the emergence of antibiotic resistance.


All in all, remember changes start from within ourselves. Start washing our hands properly with soap and scrubbing for more than 15 seconds. Maybe we can try bringing a small bottle of handwashing gel in case the toilet doesn’t have any. Also, maybe we can bring a small bottle of sanitizers (there are many good brans out there like Dettol, Life Buoy, and Avagard) to complete the keeping-the-hand-clean routine. Improve our handwashing habits so that others may learn from us and start doing the same. Let’s stop being selfish and think about how our actions can affects the health of others.




Image and content from: Central Disease Control, Global Handwashing Day

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