World Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! My passion for surfing has been a strong catalyst for the environmentalist in me and puts me in constant awareness of mother nature, whether I am in the city or out in the ocean. It has taught me to tread lightly and to love and respect the earth. Some of the tips that I follow to do my part in helping heal the only planet that we have are;


  • Going Vegan

After watching Cowspiracy, I found out that animal agriculture contributes to a whooping 51% of all greenhouse gasses. You would think that it would come from the automobile industries, destruction of forestries or even the oil and gas companies, but surprisingly they only take a fraction of the greenhouse gas pie. A vegan consumer needs only 1/6 of an acre to subsist for a year, whereas a vegetarian requires 3 times that amount and a standard diet requires 18 times more! Let’s take Meatless Mondays a bit more seriously now ey?


  • Mindful with your Water Footprint

Water footprint measures the amount of water used to produce each of the goods and services that we use such as growing rice, producing the clothes you wear up to measuring the use of an entire multi national company. It is not only about turning the tap on and off now, it is also about the daily choices you make as a consumer of what products you choose to purchase. Knowledge is power! Tea over coffee now perhaps?



  • Support Small Business that Care for Earth

Make a conscious choice of supporting small businesses that localize and are eco aware. Farmers Yard Hostel is a wonderful example of a home stay located in Canggu, Bali that operates on a community model of collaboration connecting visitors with local balinese neighbours and community. It maintains a permaculture garden which acts as a center space in dedication to the principles of sustainable living! You work as community, learn and exchange stories, share meals and adventures! Time to re-think those homestay bookings!



  • Do a Little Everyday

Do not ever believe that your effort, no matter how small, does not matter. The littlest of things such as opening the tap at half the pressure you are use too, picking up stray trash, turning the power outlet off, choosing local over imported produce makes a bigger difference than you know. Start an urban community garden with Eats, Shoots and Roots, educate yourself on growing your own food with Kebun Kaki Bukit or join groups to learn about locally sourced products at Raw Food Today. A smart consumer is a consumer that cares about the earth. Also its in fashion to be eco-aware!


Good luck and lets all be Planeteers!

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