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Zilzar Life covers topics like halal travel, modest fashion, halal food, the Islamic faith, family, relationships and more. Our focus is on modern Muslim lifestyle issues so make your voice heard now


From Start To Finish: A Quick Overview Of What To Expect

  1. Fill in the pitch form if you have any ideas.
  2. We’ll set you up to write your post using WordPress.
  3. You’ll work with Zilzar Life staff as we edit, design, publish your post.


What We’re Looking For From You


We have content partners which we have syndication agreements with but from our writers we like thought-provoking and original content. No need to rehash the same stuff you’ll see somewhere else unless you have something seriously new to add to the conversation. Try to push yourself to be creative and you’ll find that you’ll really enjoy the process.

Refer to this if you’re looking for the whole editorial guideline.

We’re not looking for this:

  • Boring
  • Political critiques
  • Religious edicts
  • Too vague
  • Been done a million times before
  • Yawn
  • Been published elsewhere
  • Plagiarism
  • Too promotional


Back up your claims. Do include stats and numbers by linking to the source where you found the information.


Use a conversational tone. Pretend the reader is just beside you as you are writing to them. Don’t be afraid to use your voice! We’ll tell you if it sounds stupid, but we won’t tell you that you’re stupid, ever. 


Posts more than 500 words are good. Posts around 1,000 words are great.

Images and graphics.

Custom images and photography are great. We try not to use stock photography as much as we can so do include your own photos.


We do not allow affiliate links in the text of the article and we will unlink them if we come across it. Do link to as many of our own articles as possible which seems natural to the post.

Bio and Headshot

We give you one link in your author’s profile page. Please provide a headshot of yourself. We’ll also need links for your Twitter/ Instagram handle.


How It Works

Write a pitch to us in this form below. We’ll check your ideas and might give some feedback and guidance on what we’d like to see in your post. From there, we’ll set you up with a Zilzar Life author account.

After you’ve written your post, it will be edited and we will work on the photos to complement your ideas. We don’t necessary ask you to review your post, but you’ll work with us to get it published.

Once your post is published, we encourage you to share it with your networks and take charge on responding to the comments there.


Things to Take Note Of

If your post isn’t what we’re looking for, we’ll let you know. We’ll provide guidance to help you edit the post. For some reason it doesn’t work out, you can keep your article, and we won’t publish it. Zilzar Life only pays for published articles. You are free to pitch your stories to other blogs or websites.

When we publish your post, you won’t be able to republish it in full. You can write in your own personal blogs that you have written an article. You can share the title of your article with a link to direct it to the article, but we would like you not to republish the whole article on your own blogs. We may open it to syndication opportunities on other content platforms, but rest assured, you will be credited for authorship.


Content Syndication.

If your post is syndicated, or republished on another site, it will 

  1. Have this mention: Originally published on Zilzar Life
  2. Give the author full credit and a link to the original article.


Why Write for Zilzar Life

  1. Participate with a fast-paced editorial team who wants to make your awesome content even better.
  2. Write on an underdeveloped genre- Muslim trends and lifestyle. Zilzar Life is young and we have big dreams, so let’s grow together.


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