We are jumping for joy about UNIQLO's latest "Modest Wear" collection

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Apart from the warm and enthusiastic “Welcome to Uniqlo!” greeting we get every time we enter a UNIQLO store, we love the Japanese fashion label for its wide array of urban basics.

But, when we heard about the launch of a special Modest Wear collection, we obviously could not contain our excitement.




And to put the cherry on top of the cake, the inaugural collection was created in collaboration with one of our favorite designers Hana Tajima formerly of Style Covered and Maysaa. Although UNIQLO X Hana Tajima caters to ladies who embrace modest fashion, this collection has been carefully designed to suit contemporary tastes and is versatile to complement a fashionista’s wardrobe easily.

The campaign pictures also feature another of our favorites, the Malaysian born acclaimed singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai. There will be hijabs, relaxed jeans, blouses and maxi dresses in the collection, as well as Airism headscarf inners and headbands.




Hana Tajima, who oversaw the design of every piece in the collection, revealed “We want to create a collection that not only appeals to modern ladies who prefer to dress modestly, but also an international audience who desire clothes that fit comfortably and look contemporary. My collection is specially designed to allow effortless mix and match for the today’s women to express their own style.”


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The collection will be available in Malaysia starting from the 3rd of July 2015 and selected stores in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


All photos courtesy of UNIQLO

Written by Nina Alyssa – Editor, Zilzar Life

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